Team Building


Promoting a positive work place environment goes a long way.
One of the ways organizations can contribute to this is through team building exercises or events.
Team building sessions can build a sense of community
and play a significant part in making members feel valued or appreciated.

When any group of people get together, it can be effective to begin with a “welcome exercise” that’s simple. fun and relationship oriented.  A great way to get the group comfortable and engaged from the start, is to break into random groups for an introductory activity.

HR Professionals can design team building exercises around a review session for basic leadership skills, company policy review (i.e. employee relations, conflict resolution, workplace conduct, etc.) or other attributes related to building a positive work environment.  It’s important to make the material relevant.  One way to do this is to incorporate different scenarios or problems recently experienced within the organization.  Appropriate discretion should be used to ensure focus is placed on the opportunity to build upon the situations, rather than to the actual event itself.

During team building sessions, it’s equally important to review basics with your team as it is to enlist feedback from them.  Reviewing the fundamental basics of company guidelines always serves as a good refresher for many managers and leaders.  Everyone wants to be heard.  Spending time to ask quality questions of your team encourages an atmosphere where participation is encouraged and their input or suggestions are important.  HR Professionals can open discussions focused on continuous quality improvement by asking questions like: What areas do we have to improve as a team?  Are we on track to build for the future?  What suggestions do you have?  What steps have you personally taken towards improving our organization?  What roadblocks have you found and how did you overcome them?

Leaders can utilize different communication techniques during team building activities.  Active listening makes people feel valued and appreciated.  This type of engagement can have a direct impact on overall productivity.  Follow up after team building sessions can help celebrate wins associated with practical application of the reviewed material across the organization.  Shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect can shine before, during and after team building sessions.

The Monticello Motor Club (MMC) is one organization that has taken preventative HR measures to better promote a safe, open working environment among members of its organization.

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The Monticello Motor Club (MMC) is a private country club, race track and resort with a massive 4.2 mile track exclusive to members.  The founders, partners and employees of MMC are all united by their passion for motorsports.  It’s their vision to offer a club that caters to individuals who are passionate about automobiles, who relish the driving-experience and who seek a place of belonging among like-minded people.  More than just a track, the team at MMC operates a luxury destination with an array of amenities and services, situated on 670 beautiful hilltop acres.  Safety and comfort are two of the group’s top priorities.  The Club offers professional instruction, track-side support, premium car storage, fine dining and five-star service.

For more information about the Monticello Motor Club, visit or contact them directly here.  Throughout their open season, MMC holds many unforgettable and exciting events for race team testing, car clubs, corporate meetings or gatherings, manufacturer functions, charitable fundraisers and an array of special privately held outings.  See past events in action by visiting their Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

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