CQI Workshops


CQI = Continuous Quality Improvement

This practice is an invaluable way to conduct boundary spanning and shared development during specific time slots each week.  The purpose of CQI sessions is to always be focused on equipping, training and developing together.  If you are a consumer facing business, identify a consistent time frame where business as usual won’t be interrupted by conducting a 30-45 minute workshop.

For example, a retailer’s store traffic is typically lighter during 2pm-3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This would be an ideal time to host CQI workshops each week.  Leaders can enlist mentors, new hires, product experts or cross-functional leaders in the process of teaching CQI workshops.  This practice sets the tone for an ongoing learning focused workplace.  Enlist your team!

If one of your sales reps saves a big sale by effectively resolving customer concerns or even does this so well that the customer doubles their original order, take the opportunity to celebrate the win and invite the employee to host the next workshop to teach everyone else how they did it.  Leaders can use discretion to help coach individuals prior to leading workshops to ensure consistency across your common message.

Leadership is a choice and making each moment count with effective leadership practices is a choice successful leaders make.


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