The Power of Relationships


Leaders coach their staff daily to ensure their success… 

Lack of communication between management and employees creates an environment where employees have no idea why managers do what they do.  Much like in Company A, individuals chalk up every mistake in the company to a combination of greed and stupidity.  Identify your organization’s shared knowledge and common goals across key departments: Sales, Merchandise, Customer Service, Operations, Inventory, Human Resources, Accounting, Delivery, etc.

What are the most important roles on the team?  As a leadership team and within your individual groups, identify shared knowledge in the following settings: between peers; between departments; within management; between management and staff; between and across locations.

Shared knowledge boils down to this: If we understand the overall work process (the link between my job and someone else’s), we develop mutual respect for our teammates and focus on the common goal.  No on takes the job of another person for granted and the focus doesn’t leave the customer.  Mutual respect is the foundation to build relationships upon with those whose cooperation is critical to your overall success.   Your leadership depends on shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect. In a T.E.A.M, together everyone achieves more.

Celebrate successes during your monthly touch base sessions…
ask questions to find out what support your people need. 
Recognize your team!  
Be positive, sincere, consistent, specific and timely. 
Recognition is the most powerful motivator! 
Staff your business t0 ensure the customer has the best experience.

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