Time is one of our most valuable resources…


By analyzing time usage on a regular basis,
it is possible to understand the most efficient ways to use time,
both in and out of the workplace.  

Using Time Wisely

Everybody is increasingly aware of the cost of time.  Individuals and departments are held accountable for their use of time:  goals are clearly defined and financial penalties are incurred for missed deadlines.  Company culture can have an important influence on how employees use their time.  In too many organizations, working long hours is equated with working hard.  If you leave on time, others may think that you are not pulling your weight.

In fact, long hours often decrease efficiency and productivity.  Ways of using time become habitual, so make an initial investment of time to rethink and improve these habits. The rewards will be the ability to control your workload and more time to focus on the most important aspects of your job.

To better understand your time, analyze it, analyze how you are using it and assess your ability to manage it.  You cannot decide what to deal with today unless you know where you want to be tomorrow.  Any plan to improve your use of time depends on being clear about your goals.  For better planning for success, analyze your goals, work out priorities, assess work patterns, use time planners and think positively.  There are many practical things that you can do to improve your efficiency over the short and long term – from clearing a desk and keeping it neat to streamlining computer system.  Finally, to support how you manage the time of others, be sure to communicate well, delegate effectively, manage your colleagues and manage your manager.

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