Free Download: LPHR’s Group Team Building Kit

StartUp organizations eventually reach a plateau where it’s necessary infuse leadership initiatives throughout management + “up-and-coming” leadership teams.

Let LPHR help your organization break through this tipping point + enable your business to leap into its next levels.


This Team Building Kit Includes:
• PowerPoint Presentation Template: Customize it to fit your team’s needs.
• Welcome Exercise Cards: Kick off this presentation with a light team building game designed to get people actively engaged + building relationships across groups in your organization.
• Handout: Leadership Toolkit filled with best practices for leading your teams.
• Role Play Exercises: Your team will work together to apply the practices in your Leadership Toolkit to effectively resolve various communication scenarios.

The goal is to collectively understand the importance of leadership, when/how to put your Leadership Toolkit to practice + leave equipped with the understanding of how everything we do, as leaders, steers the big picture – and enables us to drive the business in the right direction.

Download LPHR’s Team Building Kit now + take your business to new heights through the power of the people who are leading it.




lphr1LPHR is a US based Career Strategist + Business/HR Consulting Group that bridges gaps between people, data +  processes. We believe in simplicity, practical solutions,  empowerment, quality standards, and results.  //

NEW! Find a toolkit to support YOUR progressive-growth goals + launch your authentic life.  //

Contact us today to get started!

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