Free Download: LPHR’s Orientation Kit

Looking to make a first impression that counts?  Start here.

Let LPHR take the frustration out of creating your own professionally polished orientation kits for new hires.  This kit provides you with pre-formatted sample templates that are designed to organize your company’s orientation process, so you can focus on making your new hire’s experience as positive as possible.

OrientationDeck_NewEE_Page_01Inside, you will find a template Orientation Power PowerPoint Presentation for you to customize to meet the needs of your business processes.  

It covers important items, such as:
• Breaking the Ice
• Company Mission/Vision/Values
• Key Company Policies
• Compensation Information
• Key Leadership
• Training Schedules
• Employment Agreements
• … and more!

To create a positive + powerful first impression with ANY new employee,  Download this FREE Orientation Kit and make it your own!


Human Resource Professionals can get employee recognition tools, guidelines, checklists, surveys, learning tools and more absolutely free with these resourceful downloads.  

Take advantage of these useful tools like Leadership Surveys and Interview Checklists or stay in the loop with the latest additions to reasons to celebrate and promote employee recognition by linking this page from your intranet, website or blog to visit regularly.  New resources are posted every week to support your career in HR and HR in your organization.

If you have feedback or something in particular you would like to see added, please write and share anytime.

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Thank you.


lphr1LPHR is a US based Career Strategist + Business/HR Consulting Group that bridges gaps between people, data +  processes. We believe in simplicity, practical solutions,  empowerment, quality standards, and results.  //

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