LPHR  // Connecting you with resources, tools and information to support your progressive growth – for your career, your business and your life.  We believe in empowerment, quality standards, and results. // Learn More: http://www.lphr.co

Established in 2010 Founded in 2010 by Independent HR Consultants and grown into an organization that’s passionate about providing people and groups with resources and tools that help them progress, exceed their goals and partner with great people throughout the process.



LPHR Magazine Subscription Publication

Corporate Brochures, Executive Search, Graphic Design, Hiring & Recruiting, Market Research, Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, Training, Web Pages & Web Sites, Writing & Publishing



HR Business Partner Consultancy Service Multi-Level Packages, Consultations, Corporate Services, Individual Services, Industrial Services, Sales Development



Recruitment, Human Resources, Business Management, Learning and Development



HR Business Consulting, Recruitment and Talent Management, Start Up HR Department Implementation and Compliance, Leadership Management, Organizational Training and Development, Leadership Seminar Workshops, Resume Creation or Upgrades (for Professional Biographies, Industry Profiles, Career Changes, Current Job Seekers, etc.) Career Services, Notary Public, Marketing and Social Media

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