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Meditation 101: Benefits + Techniques

Meditation Techniques That Anybody Can Use

Meditation quiets the mind and embraces the power and mystery of the universe in an effort to reach a higher state of enlightenment. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Jainism, and Taoism are just a few of the religions that practice meditation, but secular applications of meditation are practiced worldwide as well.

Meditation is more than a method for relaxing the body, as some people think. It is a way for gaining freedom from incessant, nagging thoughts and worries, quieting the chatter of the mind, and attaining inner peace and happiness. In its higher levels it leads to spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and to realizing who and what you are.

Healing meditation can provide health benefits. Numerous research studies have shown some links between meditation and improved health. When you consider the negative effects of just stress alone on the body, you can easily understand the importance of meditation.

Learn how to transform your life with simple meditation techniques like these:

  1. Walking. Walking is very popular among monks. This activity combines physical activity with mind conditioning so that you can relieve stress immediately. In order for this to work, you must find a place where you can walk around something, like a circular path or a track. You will want to follow a pattern in order to help your mind rest. You will want to walk at a slow pace so you can think. You may get distracted from time to time on your journey, especially if there are other people on your path. Simply acknowledge the interruption and continue on your way.

  2. Prayer. Another technique is known as prayer meditation which is in fact the most used form. The nice thing about this is that you don’t have to go to church or sing any hymns. You don’t even have to believe in any god. You merely take a seat, close your eyes and just relax. When you are completely at ease go ahead and ask the universe for what you want.

  3. Candle meditation. Here, you basically light a candle after which you focus on the flame for the next few minutes or for the next few hours. It is up to you. During your meditation, block out everything else on the earth and focus all of your attention on the flickering flame. The goal is to find yourself in a state of perfect peace and contentment.

4. Mirror gazing. In this technique you simply gaze into your own image in the mirror and consider how your life is going so far. This can be done standing or seated. When you find yourself perfectly at ease ask yourself what you can do to make your life better.

  1. Generate moments of awareness during the day. Finding your breath and ‘being present in the moment’ while not in any formal practice is a wonderful way to evolve your meditation habits.

  2. Focus on an inspiring quote. Choose an inspiring quote from any spiritual teacher, and repeat it in your mind, trying to find its deeper meaning, beyond the written words. (See Ultimate Mind Package)

  3. Be Grateful at the end. Once your practice is through, spend 2 or 3 minutes feeling appreciative of the opportunity to meditate and practice your mind’s ability to focus.

Remember, patience, perseverance and self discipline should be always cultivated and rewarded. Reward yourself for your meditations by meditating.


Source: BrainWaves // iPhone App

Releasing Endorphins + Feeling Good

Endorphins occur naturally in the brain and are very effective at stopping pain and making us feel good. Runners often experience a natural “high” while on long runs. Research shows that the more fit an athlete is, the more receptive the athlete is to endorphins. And as intensity and duration of exercise increase, the concentration of endorphins released also increases.

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5 Habits Of Emotionally Intelligent People

Here’s a really smart + simple article by Eric Schiffer, Entrepreneur – originally posted on BusinessInsider. Enjoy + put it to good use! 

Emotional intelligence is the most powerful tool for success — not only in in romantic relationships, but business, too.

In fact, the same rules for achieving your goals in business also apply to love.

Here are five practices that people with high EQs use to achieve success at both work and in their personal lives:

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Tips for HR Managers: Promote National Stress Awareness Month

stressawareness webbanner

Take time to unwind…

It’s healthy to relax, renew, and rejuvenate…

Stress happens. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, at times it’s unbearable. That’s why taking time for yourself is a necessity.

Combat Your Stress

With National Stress Awareness Month approaching, remember to take the time to combat your stress.  HR Professionals can promote Stress Awareness in the workplace with themed recognition items or events throughout the month of April.  Partner with local Health Counselors to educate your organization about Stress, in the workplace and throughout individual personal lives.  If employees suffer from chronic stress and believe they can’t influence or change the situation, this presents you with the opportunity to help change their approach.   Work with them to identify areas of stress and help them be willing to be flexible. Remember, everyone has the ability to choose their response to stressors, and there are various options your workplace can try together.

There are a number of cost effective, fun items any Human Resource Department can incorporate into their recognition themed events or pieces.  Some companies understand the impact stress can have on their overall bottom line performance.  Other organizations enjoy taking opportunities to be actively involved in the lives of their employees or their local communities.  National Stress Awareness Month is a great opportunity for HR to partner with Marketing (department or efforts) to have the company logo custom imprinted on promotional products.

Anypromo stress ball stressball baseballstress beach ball

Any Promo Inc.  offers merchandise from over 200 of the leading Promotional Products suppliers such as BIC, Gildan, Swiss Army, and Waterman. They have over 200,000 of products, colors, and designs covering more than 50 premium categories and brands.  Check out items like these Earth shaped, Personalized Baseball or Logo Imprinted Beach Ball shaped Stress Ball by using Any Promo Inc.‘s comprehensive search engine.  They will help you find the exact product you’re looking for, and allow you to search for items based on product category, budget, and turnaround time.  Any Promo Inc.  offers free samples, free art service and free proofs – which is risk-free for your company.  New customers can take advantage of featured Deals of the Week and receive 10% off on their first orders!

Depending on your resources to allocate towards recognizing National Stress Awareness Month – or your office/workplace setting, HR Managers can also arrange for local chiropractors that offer to come into the office to educate groups of associates and offer free massages to your employees.  Other ideas to partner with local small businesses include partnering with local health, nutrition, wellness or yoga clinics.  Yelp is a great App/Website to use to help you get started and find out what nearby options you have.

Some other resources HR or Marketing Departments can utilize to promote Stress Awareness include:

Here are some tips about stress to help educate your company leadership for promoting awareness:

  • Recognize when you don’t have control, and let it go.
  • Don’t get anxious about situations that you cannot change.
  • Take control of your own reactions, and focus on what makes you feel calm and in control. This may take some practice, but it pays off in peace of mind.
  • Develop a vision for healthy living, wellness, and personal- professional growth.
  • Set realistic goals to help you realize your vision.

Relax and Recharge

Be sure to make time for fun and relaxation so you’ll be better able to handle life’s stressors. Encourage employees to carve some time out of the day – even 10 to 15 minutes – to take care of themselves. Also, remember that exercise is an excellent stress reliever.  Less stressed employees make up a more productive organization.

Everyone is different, and so are the ways they like to relax and unwind. Here are some ideas to promote in your HR and Company Communications throughout the next month:

  • Take a walk
  • Read a book
  • Go for a run
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Play a sport
  • Spend time with a friend or loved one
  • Meditate (learn how in the sidebar)
  • Do yoga

While you can’t avoid stress, you can minimize it by changing how you choose to respond to it. The ultimate reward for your efforts is a healthy, balanced life, with time for work, relationships, relaxation, and fun.

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