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HR’s Top 10 Essential Functions


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What Do You Value?


The Nature of Human Values

Listed below are two sets of statements.  The first list presents 10 terminal values.  These are desirable end-states of existence.  Think of them as goals that you might like to achieve during your lifetime.  The second list presents 10 instrumental values.  These are preferable modes of behavior, or means of achieving terminal values.

For each list, rank the statements according to how important each is to you personally.  Score a “1” next the value that is most important, a “2” next to the second most important, and so forth.  Treat each list separately.

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Leadership Self-Check

Serious leaders are always asking serious questions of themselves and consistently doing self-analysis. Here are just a few self inspection questions you can ask yourself to further help clarify where you stand in terms of your leadership ability.

quoteThere are no right or wrong answers in terms of how you perceive your ability – what it comes down to is whether or not you have the desire, heart, will, passion, drive, motivation, guts, determination, energy, focus and tenacity it takes to want to be better!

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In law, a discovery takes place before a trial and services  its purpose for “fact-finding”.   Strategic leaders informally practice something similar when leading their teams.  Asking discovery questions within your department, other departments or across your organization’s industry helps leaders gather unfiltered feedback Feedback is a form of respect.  When we allows ourselves to not only give honest feedback, but to hear it too, we can have a greater impact.

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Interview Checklist


A HR Professional is the gatekeeper to any organization. Sometimes, the first face that a potential candidate sees in a company is a face of the HR Department.  The role of HR in the company recruitment and interview processes varies from organization to organization…depending on its size, talent management and succession planning needs OR plans for future growth.

There can be a lot to cover to effectively and efficiently make the most of a first round interview.  Typically, you will want to do a lot of listening and you can open up the candidate’s dialog with a number of fundamental, behavioral style questions that can answer more than one question at a time.  For example:

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