In law, a discovery takes place before a trial and services  its purpose for “fact-finding”.   Strategic leaders informally practice something similar when leading their teams.  Asking discovery questions within your department, other departments or across your organization’s industry helps leaders gather unfiltered feedback Feedback is a form of respect.  When we allows ourselves to not only give honest feedback, but to hear it too, we can have a greater impact.

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CQI Workshops


CQI = Continuous Quality Improvement

This practice is an invaluable way to conduct boundary spanning and shared development during specific time slots each week.  The purpose of CQI sessions is to always be focused on equipping, training and developing together.  If you are a consumer facing business, identify a consistent time frame where business as usual won’t be interrupted by conducting a 30-45 minute workshop.

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Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership


Leadership is about articulating visions,
embodying values and creating the environment
in which all things can be accomplished.  

Leaders cast the mission, vision and values of a company throughout its people.  They know how to effectively influence people and act as change agents that initiate growth.  Leaders are innovators and creators.  They don’t accept mediocrity and they are always pushing the status quo.

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The Higher You Want To Climb

“The higher you want to climb,
the more you need leadership.

The greater the impact you want to make,
the greater your influence needs to be.”

Servant leaders look at leadership as an act of service.  They train, coach and develop or mentor their people.  They empower their people and welcome feedback as a source of useful information on how they can provide a better service.  They recognize others for their achievements, not themselves.

Leadership may take place when things go right; it’s critical when things go wrong.  When things go wrong, it’s important to take a look at what occurred and recognize what went wrong.  Leaders help shape their team to work together to “change the process, change the result”.  So, it’s important to have key performance indicators (KPIs) in place as a baseline guide to leveraging your overall success.

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