Why Should I Grow As A Leader?

Why Should I Grow As a Leader?

“Success is a journey, not a destination…”  Leadership development takes commitment and focus.  The higher the leadership, the greater the effectiveness.  When we think about qualities of great leaders, we see some commonalities.  Attributes such as Character, Integrity, Commitment, Communication, Competence, Sense of Discernment, Generosity, Initiative, Listeners, Passion, Positivity in Attitude, Problem-Solvers, Relationships, Responsibility… just to name a few.

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Interview Structures


An interview is a meeting, typically in person, arranged for the assessment of particular qualifications.  When employers and potential candidates come together for an interview, both parties should equally interview each other.

There are many different types of interviewing structures.  This article focuses on the following four types: core competencies, situational interviews, patterned behavior description interviews and realistic previews.

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Interview Checklist


A HR Professional is the gatekeeper to any organization. Sometimes, the first face that a potential candidate sees in a company is a face of the HR Department.  The role of HR in the company recruitment and interview processes varies from organization to organization…depending on its size, talent management and succession planning needs OR plans for future growth.

There can be a lot to cover to effectively and efficiently make the most of a first round interview.  Typically, you will want to do a lot of listening and you can open up the candidate’s dialog with a number of fundamental, behavioral style questions that can answer more than one question at a time.  For example:

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Team Building


Promoting a positive work place environment goes a long way.
One of the ways organizations can contribute to this is through team building exercises or events.
Team building sessions can build a sense of community
and play a significant part in making members feel valued or appreciated.

When any group of people get together, it can be effective to begin with a “welcome exercise” that’s simple. fun and relationship oriented.  A great way to get the group comfortable and engaged from the start, is to break into random groups for an introductory activity.

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