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LPHR’s CV Showcase

Looking for CV Templates to inspire you to make a change in your career?   Use these templates to create amazing first impressions with your resume + cover letters.

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August Quips


Monthly Inspiration for Leaders

Summertime + the livings easy! ☀️ #inspire + #motivate with #wisdom for your #hustle // http://bit.ly/1v9Mgoo

Looking for daily insights to keep you inspired + leading with excellence? Look no further. These guides are made with you in mind.



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NOW HIRING! // Social Media Strategist (Intern)

Are you obsessed with finding and sharing stories online? Do your friends look to you on Facebook and Twitter for the latest trends, ideas, and online memes?

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20 Ways To Maximize Your #Motivation All The Time

LPHR // Career Strategists + HR Solutions Group20 Ways To Maximize Your #Motivation All The Time // http://bit.ly/1fu3r8K


6 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Potential

What do you do to inspire your best possible and productive self?

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