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LPHRs Guide to Employee Recognition

Quick phrases, resources, + ways to make every person on your team feel great, know they are appreciated, + create a happy workplace culture where people thrive. //

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Master Your Employee Relations

Employee Relations involves the body of work concerned with maintaining employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, and morale.

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State Employment Guide

LPHR’s State Employment Guide contains information for individual job seekers looking to find employment or develop their professional skills.  Employers can also connect directly with talent to find potential candidates to fill their most pressing job openings.
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Inspiration Daily // #June 2014


Mark Twain once said “it is better to be a young june bug than an old bird of paradise…”

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Finding Your Purpose and Living a Meaningful Life

Hunter S. Thompson on Finding Your Purpose and Living a Meaningful Life // http://bit.ly/1kYho3g

Article from @FarnamStreetBlog // #hst #wisdom