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The Power of Relationships


Leaders coach their staff daily to ensure their success… 

Lack of communication between management and employees creates an environment where employees have no idea why managers do what they do.  Much like in Company A, individuals chalk up every mistake in the company to a combination of greed and stupidity.  Identify your organization’s shared knowledge and common goals across key departments: Sales, Merchandise, Customer Service, Operations, Inventory, Human Resources, Accounting, Delivery, etc.

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Team Building


Promoting a positive work place environment goes a long way.
One of the ways organizations can contribute to this is through team building exercises or events.
Team building sessions can build a sense of community
and play a significant part in making members feel valued or appreciated.

When any group of people get together, it can be effective to begin with a “welcome exercise” that’s simple. fun and relationship oriented.  A great way to get the group comfortable and engaged from the start, is to break into random groups for an introductory activity.

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