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Ideas + Feedback

Credit // Getty Images
Credit // Getty Images
If you have an idea put it up there online, no matter what it looks like. You need the feedback early on. // Brian Chesky #courage

360° Leadership Feedback

The purpose of 360° Leadership Feedback  is to assist you in developing your capabilities fully.  In order to provide you with the broadest possible perspective, feedback is typically requested directly from you and other people within the organization.

The number of people enlisted in the leadership evaluation process generally depends on the size of the organization or the role of the leader being evaluated.  As a rule of thumb, you should cover all 360° around the leader’s position – including direct reports, indirect reports, peers and coworkers.

Feedback is a form of respect and it can provide leaders with the invaluable resource of unfiltered evaluation.  The process itself should be presented in such a way that communicates its importance for individual growth (professionally or personally).  Human Resource Managers must exercise good judgement in facilitating the 360° Leadership Surveys from start to finish.

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In law, a discovery takes place before a trial and services  its purpose for “fact-finding”.   Strategic leaders informally practice something similar when leading their teams.  Asking discovery questions within your department, other departments or across your organization’s industry helps leaders gather unfiltered feedback Feedback is a form of respect.  When we allows ourselves to not only give honest feedback, but to hear it too, we can have a greater impact.

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