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Free Download: LPHR’s Orientation Kit

Looking to make a first impression that counts?  Start here.

Let LPHR take the frustration out of creating your own professionally polished orientation kits for new hires.  This kit provides you with pre-formatted sample templates that are designed to organize your company’s orientation process, so you can focus on making your new hire’s experience as positive as possible.

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What Do You Value?


The Nature of Human Values

Listed below are two sets of statements.  The first list presents 10 terminal values.  These are desirable end-states of existence.  Think of them as goals that you might like to achieve during your lifetime.  The second list presents 10 instrumental values.  These are preferable modes of behavior, or means of achieving terminal values.

For each list, rank the statements according to how important each is to you personally.  Score a “1” next the value that is most important, a “2” next to the second most important, and so forth.  Treat each list separately.

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