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Boundary Spanning


Human Resource Professionals often
play the role of the “boundary spanner”.

Boundary Spanning is a practice is all about collecting, filtering, interpreting and disseminating knowledge across organizational boundaries.

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The Power of Relationships


Leaders coach their staff daily to ensure their success… 

Lack of communication between management and employees creates an environment where employees have no idea why managers do what they do.  Much like in Company A, individuals chalk up every mistake in the company to a combination of greed and stupidity.  Identify your organization’s shared knowledge and common goals across key departments: Sales, Merchandise, Customer Service, Operations, Inventory, Human Resources, Accounting, Delivery, etc.

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In law, a discovery takes place before a trial and services  its purpose for “fact-finding”.   Strategic leaders informally practice something similar when leading their teams.  Asking discovery questions within your department, other departments or across your organization’s industry helps leaders gather unfiltered feedback Feedback is a form of respect.  When we allows ourselves to not only give honest feedback, but to hear it too, we can have a greater impact.

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