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Bad Apples


One Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch

Effective leaders believe that “one bad apple spoils the bunch”… and they are right.  When leaders spot a bad apple, it is vital to take immediate action to counsel them once or twice.  Most bad apples require coaching on the harsher side – similar to “tough love”.  If a leader is unfamiliar with legal liabilities surrounding disciplinary conversations with employees, they should seek to partner with your Human Resource Department for support in this process.

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What Are Practices?


High performance depends on
BUNDLES of organizational practices,
not any individual one.

Practices are series of programs for leaders to apply daily that build and sustain relationships across their company.  Think of practices like a toolkit.  A builder knows when to go into the toolbox to reach for a hammer when he needs to secure the foundation of a house the same way that leaders reach into their toolkit to utilize a practice when they need to train, coach or develop their team.

Organizations put practices in place to support its mission, its vision and its values.  Practices are something leaders perform and train daily.  They are repeated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  When you perform something often, it’s a practice.  

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