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Free Download: LPHR’s Orientation Kit

Looking to make a first impression that counts?  Start here.

Let LPHR take the frustration out of creating your own professionally polished orientation kits for new hires.  This kit provides you with pre-formatted sample templates that are designed to organize your company’s orientation process, so you can focus on making your new hire’s experience as positive as possible.

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LPHR Magazine: HR Made Simple


Premier Issue of LPHR Magazine

HR Made Simple


A Human Resource Professional Magazine that connects people and organizations with the right resources.

Features Articles This Month Include:

  • The Science of Motivation and How to Implement It Into Your Business
  • HR Practices: Smart Ways to Bridge the Gaps
  • March 2013 Recognition Guide for HR Professionals


360 Degree Leadership Survey
Personal Values Quiz
Packed with Resources & Downloads to Boost Your HR!

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Random Acts of Kindness Week


Random Acts of Kindness Week is a perfect time
to aim to inspire others to practice kindness.

There are a number of different selfless acts you can do for employees in the workplace, students in the classroom, members within your community and among friends or family alike.  This week, make a difference, one random act of kindness at a time.  Pick a couple of ideas and make an effort to commit at least one random act of kindness each day this week.

HR Professionals can incorporate this theme throughout different departments and work groups within their organization.  When rewarding your team, the most important things are to match the reward to the person and match the size of the reward to the achievement.  Build rewards around what really inspires and interests your team.  Be consistent and reward with genuine intent.

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February 11-15, 2013

Celebrate and pass it on…



Motivation is literally the desire to do things.  It’s the difference between waking up before dawn to pound the pavement and lazing around the house all day.  It’s the crucial element in setting and attaining goals – and research shows you can influence your own levels of motivation and self-control.  So, figure out what you want. Power through the pain.  Start being who you want to be.  Start creating the environment you want to lead.

Understanding Motivation Concepts and Applications is one of the core areas of knowledge for any Human Resource Professional.

Motivation cuts across all six functional areas.  Motivation, for instance, is often associated with why – and how – employees or people learn.  It’s also highly relevant, however, to how employees perceive and value salaries, wages, and benefits, and to establishing and sustaining positive relationships in the workplace.

motivation mind

Motivation theory directly impacts employee performance in the workplace.  As such, HR Professionals need a keen understanding of the various motivation theories to incorporate them – in a practical sense – into their initiatives and into their consulting relationships with managers and leaders across the organization. Some of the key theories in which HR Professionals must be well versed are the following:

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Building Communities


Leaders must recognize that people’s need
for belonging and social fulfillment
are two of the most powerful human needs. 

Happiness doesn’t come from wealth or money, but instead from social relationships, enjoyable work, a sense that life has meaning and a sense of belonging to a group.  Think of ways to acknowledge or validate people and build plans to grow communities.  Some successful community programs include multilayer recognition strategies.

Companies can create and contribute to a quarterly newsletter that reiterates boundary spanning practices and communications.  Here is always a good place to recognize achievements, announce upcoming events, celebrate business or department “wins”, share relevant industry news, list birthdays and anniversaries of your employees , or talk about recent progress initiatives in a  new community enrichment program as a way of encouraging individuals across business locations to get involved.

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