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Leadership Self-Check

Serious leaders are always asking serious questions of themselves and consistently doing self-analysis. Here are just a few self inspection questions you can ask yourself to further help clarify where you stand in terms of your leadership ability.

quoteThere are no right or wrong answers in terms of how you perceive your ability – what it comes down to is whether or not you have the desire, heart, will, passion, drive, motivation, guts, determination, energy, focus and tenacity it takes to want to be better!

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Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership


Leadership is about articulating visions,
embodying values and creating the environment
in which all things can be accomplished.  

Leaders cast the mission, vision and values of a company throughout its people.  They know how to effectively influence people and act as change agents that initiate growth.  Leaders are innovators and creators.  They don’t accept mediocrity and they are always pushing the status quo.

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