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Time is one of our most valuable resources…


By analyzing time usage on a regular basis,
it is possible to understand the most efficient ways to use time,
both in and out of the workplace.  

Using Time Wisely

Everybody is increasingly aware of the cost of time.  Individuals and departments are held accountable for their use of time:  goals are clearly defined and financial penalties are incurred for missed deadlines.  Company culture can have an important influence on how employees use their time.  In too many organizations, working long hours is equated with working hard.  If you leave on time, others may think that you are not pulling your weight.

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The Higher You Want To Climb

“The higher you want to climb,
the more you need leadership.

The greater the impact you want to make,
the greater your influence needs to be.”

Servant leaders look at leadership as an act of service.  They train, coach and develop or mentor their people.  They empower their people and welcome feedback as a source of useful information on how they can provide a better service.  They recognize others for their achievements, not themselves.

Leadership may take place when things go right; it’s critical when things go wrong.  When things go wrong, it’s important to take a look at what occurred and recognize what went wrong.  Leaders help shape their team to work together to “change the process, change the result”.  So, it’s important to have key performance indicators (KPIs) in place as a baseline guide to leveraging your overall success.

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